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NFC Starter Plugin

0.99 usd

Starter Plugin adds NFC Tag Detection Capabilities to Tasker. Be carefull: it's just a plugin for Tasker, not a standalone application. The plugin doesn't need to write anything to the tag, it just reads the tag unique identifier.Use the plugin simply creating a Profile:(+) -> Event -> Plugin -> NFC Starter Plug-in.Then edit the configuration and scan a NFC compatible tag to read its identifier or check "Detect any tag instead" checkbox if you want Tasker reacts to any tag.
You can get the scanned tag identifier through the local variable %discovered_tag_id.
The following tag tecnologies are supported:- MIFARE Classic- MIFARE Ultralight- ISO-DEP (ISO 14443-4)- NFC-A (ISO 14443-3A)- NFC-B (ISO 14443-3B)- NFC-F (JIS 6319-4)- NFC-V (ISO 15693)
If you experience some problems or you just don't like something contact me. I can't help you if you don't tell me what is wrong
Notes--------Pay attention to other apps for phone automation (such as Llama) intalled on your phone. They can cause interference with Tasker and with NFC Starter Plugin
Credits----------App icon is based on the original Tasker iconOther icons are designed by Freepik